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The face of large household appliances

Marketplace "Exactions" looked very helpless.

With the company as a domestic gas

Marketing Person in charge of Wang to lead their colleagues every day dealings and hypermarkets in the contest. He gave the "China Network" news out in a cost list, the list shows that the company's hypermarkets channel cost is as high as 30% to 50%.

First, wholesalers and manufacturers in product checkout, we will from

Sell Amount of deduction of 20% to 22%;

Second, the New Year's Day, Spring Festival, "51", "11", Mid-Autumn Festival seven, each section of corporate sponsorship to pay 5,000 to 10,000 yuan, with a

Brand A single shop in supermarkets with annual sales of 1 million yuan terms, this will be the business of 3.5% to 7% of the profits;

In addition, the cost of waiting for the numerous Wang: slotting allowance as a single store of 20,000 yuan low, many of 60,000 yuan, 80,000 slotemaker amsterdam yuan, a high of 10 million, even 200,000 yuan; selected meals, a good position to

Auction ; Festival fees, supermarkets in the new store opening, Dianqing, etc., and also received several thousand dollars to each manufacturer.

Moreover, manufacturers have to come up with sales of 2% to 3% to RBI from the manager, cabinet chief,

Finance , Procurement and other supermarkets within the layers of relationships;

Mall design cost of each counter, in 1.5 million to 30,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan also poor.

Shopping guide Members are also sent from the factory, wages from 2000 to 3,000 yuan a month is necessary.

Appears in Wang, the manufacturers even if the price of the product increased by 50%, not much profit. Moreover, these supermarkets "the last one out" system, the same variety of goods, if sales of a continuous row of last 12 months, and was eliminated, got other brand again "exploitation."

Even so, Wang still could not easily withdraw the products come from supermarkets. Supermarkets now account for 30% of the company's share of sales, and this proportion is increasing. The cost of the other channels only half the hypermarket, about 15% to 20%. "Progressive is not, not into is not." Wang said.

Far-reaching consultants confirmed the chief adviser Du Jianjun Wang argument. Dujian Jun said,

Appliance Retail Chain stores in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major cities in appliance sales have reached more than 70% to 80% share, occupy the mainstream position.

Appears in Wang, offered bribes related to the hypermarket is a compelling solution, "such as a fee offer for 20,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan for the parties, will become only cost 10,000 yuan "; addition is to increase the mall area is not involved in sales, reduce cost of sales; or agent will transfer the cost of hypermarkets, by them to bear.

Against Wang, he continues to wait, "at least five years of pain," when foreign and domestic home appliance retail chain enterprises rise more, or until the supermarkets will be more of a small manufacturing operators out of business, will have the light of day.

And Wang where the business is different, Guangdong 1

Sound Enterprises have already fed up, "exploitation", forced to flee the mall.

"What slotting allowance, Decoration Charges, counter charges, festivals fees, Dianqing fees, endless, and we like meat on a chopping board?? Trampled. "The audio business owners said the business was forced last year to this year's withdrawal from the mall," is now all over the country into dozens of stores around only. "

The boss said, wholesalers single shop, even if the manufacturers failed to 30,000 yuan a month turnover, they have to press the 30,000 yuan deduction of 20%, so if a mall a month do not to several million in sales, we can only lose money. "There are many famous audio brands in the supermarkets where the trading is loss of."

Circuit City with a number of the economic downturn across the country, in addition to supermarkets, other channels of sound business less popular, so "into a court death, not into is waiting to die." The boss had his stereo business to two, three markets, the cost of these channels, just more than 10 percentage points, "we only have resigned."

"Channel hegemony" of the argument a long time. Samsung came in January this year, and once

States United States Into the shop because of costs and rebate discounts and against each other, although later both sides were to deny it, but not groundless rumors are the industry accepted "rules" Start clarified. Earlier last year, the National US-block

Air conditioning Giant Gree, Chi Fuzhou triple high court and other air conditioning and home appliance manufacturers and a series of channel-friendly "fire" incidents, but also to lay a little taste of smell.

Du Jianjun said that even with foreign home appliance retail


, The Chinese vendor relationship is significantly distorted.


Five vying for same Grandview Council seat

GRANDVIEW During last weeks special filing period five citizens threw their names in the hat for the Grandview City Council position 4 seat, currently held by Mike Everett.

Everett is on the ballot for Jesse Palacios position 6 seat. He is running unopposed because Palacios elected not to seek re-election.

Mary Barrett, Pat Bratton, Gaylor Brewer, Betty Garza and Joe Jensen all want to serve the community and will be on the general election ballot in November.

All five say they want to make a positive difference in the community they call home.


Mary Barrett has been a Grandview resident for 34 years, has raised a son in the community and has three other times been a candidate for the Grandview City Council.

She said she enjoys her work, maintaining the flowers in the downtown corridor and is a volunteer for the citys beautification awards program.

Grandview has come to a higher realm and Id like to see it continue, said Barrett.

In the past 10 years, she said, there have been many accomplishments better streets because of a $20 license tab fee, industry growth, and additional dining and shopping opportunities.

These are all things people wanted, Barrett said.

As the city grows, she said the city of Grandviews revenues will also need to grow because improvements and expansions can only be accomplished with additional monetary resources.

Every city has a wish listI believe those wishes should be brought to the voters primarily the need for improvements to the pool and police station, said Barrett.


Pat Bratton, a longtime advocate for her neighbors, said she is known for being outspoken.

The city council has seen me many times, she said.

For more than two decades, Bratton has called Grandview her home. She moved to the city when she married longtime friend Walt Bratton Sr.

After years of being proactively involved on behalf of her neighbors, she decided it was time to put her business management experience and knack for causing trouble to good use, Bratton quipped.

She said she believes serving on the Grandview City Council will provide her the opportunity to advocate for others.

Of importance to Bratton would be working toward the goal of providing more recreational opportunities in the community. She said she feels Country Park and the community center are not fully utilized.

I would like more tournaments and events, she said.

A flea market or farmers market, said Bratton, would be a good addition at Country Park.

I was told there would need to be a police officer and two city employees at either of those types of events, she said, adding she would like to change those requirements if they are in place.

Also, Bratton would like to closely review the contracts for city employees, determining how much the taxpayers are spending on benefits. She said she would like to more closely align the figures with what is paid in the private sector.

If I am elected, I want the people to know I will be available to them, she added.


Gaylord Gay Brewer is a lifelong resident of Grandview, having graduated from Grandview High School in 1959. He owned and operated PGs Paint, Glass & Security for three decades before retiring.

Brewer and his wife, Peggy, believe in serving the community. She is a member of the Sunnyside Community Hospital board of directors and he has past experience on the Grandview City Council.

Our whole lives have been spent enjoying our hometown, said Brewer.

Citizen involvement, he said, is an important aspect of his life. In addition to his 12 years on the city council, he has served as a volunteer firefighter, Rotary Club president, fair board member, past exalted ruler of the Lower Valley Elks Club and as a chamber of commerce member.

Although he retired in 2002, Brewer continues to operate a limited locksmith business.

He said his past experience on the city council included the development of Country Park, the addition of the Alice Grant Learning Center, the development of Vista Grande Park, the construction of the former senior center and current fire station, as well as attracting Yakima Valley Community College and the Wal-Mart Distribution Center to the community.

Brewer said he has a greater understanding of city operations from his experience, as well.

I believe my previous experience as a Grandview councilman can provide needed direction and website financial responsibility in improving our communitys stability, said Brewer.

We can continue to make Grandview a great place to live, he added.


Betty Garza was raised in Sunnyside, but chose Grandview as her home after living in California for a number of years.

She raised her two boys in Grandview and said she has come to truly love my community.

For the past few years, Garza has worked to become more involved in the community. She joined the citys swim pool committee last year and said the experience is providing her with insight, as well as a greater understanding of the passion her fellow citizens have for Grandview.

I have learned I can actually make a difference, said Garza.

She wants to extend the work she is doing on the pool committee, serving the citizens as the next Grandview City Council member.

Garza said she would like to reach out to our Hispanic citizens and encourage more involvement in the community from them.

Also of importance to her is reaching out to youth in the community, providing them with safe places for socialization and recreation.

But most importantly, I want to be a part of the process to improve and grow our communitynot just sit back and hope somebody does it for me, said Garza.


Joe Jensen is a family man, involved as a volunteer at Harriet Thompson Elementary School and taking care of the family home.

His wife, Elizabeth, is an English teacher at Grandview High School.

We are trying to teach the importance of being involved in our community to children, said Jensen.

He said, I also like to hang out with my wifes 102-year-old grandfather.

If elected to serve on the Grandview City Council, Jensen said he would like to improve the citys recreational programs.

He said he would like to add a soccer pitch with seating to the citys facilities because the sport is popular among community members.

Im fully aware that will be a hard sell, said Jensen.

Also, he said, the pool needs improvements and although the pool committee is working hard to see those improvements made, he believes the city can do more to make them happen.

Jensen said serving on the city council would provide him the opportunity to make a difference in the community, as well as help him better understand how the local government works.

I want my kids to be proud they grew up in GrandviewI want them to come back and raise their own families here, he said.

Additionally, Jensen said he hopes to improve voter outreach in the community because he feels the populace is not properly represented.

There are only about 5,000 registered votersits such a small number representing the community, he said.


Service-focused locksmith now in Atlanta area - Atlanta customer service

Trustworthy locksmith services can be difficult to find today, despite the constant need for these specialty services in both the residential and commercial sphere. When you call a professional to handle the security of your building or home, you want to know the person that comes to complete the job is honest, dependable and service-oriented. Fortunately, Atlanta residents now have an option in locksmith services that slotemaker amsterdam fit that bill.

J&M Locksmith, Inc. recently announced the launch of their business in the Atlanta area. The company offers residential, automotive and commercial locksmith services and features the expertise of trained technicians that are also focused specifically on the needs of the customer. Services run the gamut from basic lock replacement to the installment of complex security systems.

Through years of work in the Atlanta locksmith industry, a theme emerged: the lack of professional, honest and qualified locksmiths, J&M Locksmith founder Eugene Rozhavsky was quoted as saying in a company press release. The reality is, not all locksmith services are created equal. We founded J&M on the premise of precision, honesty and excellent customer service.

Company Commitment to Quality and Service

To that end, J&M Locksmith offers a lifetime guarantee on all hardware installed by the company. They also provide a 90-day guarantee on labor. The company offers a myriad of locksmith services, including keyless entry locks, lockout services, mailbox lock replacement, key extraction and high security lock installation. The business specializes in commercial accounts for realtors and property managers.

On the residential side of the business, J&M provides another menu of services, including rekeying of locks, lock replacement and house lockout services. The company also offers door replacement and window security. Customers may also have kick-proof strike plates installed on their doors by J&M.

Automotive services from J&M include car lock replacements, rekeying, and key replacements and manufacturing. Changing ignitions and extraction of broken keys can also be handled by this team. Services are available for any make or model of vehicle, and the company promises quick efficient service anywhere in the Atlanta area.

J&M is a family-owned business run by Rozhavsky, a military veteran who brings five years of locksmith experience to his company. The goal of the business is to provide security and peace of mind to our clients and community, according to the company website. Every professional hired by the company must have undergone formal training in the locksmith trade and demonstrate professionalism, integrity and honesty.

J&M Locksmith understands the key to building a strong business is to build a loyal customer base. The owners of this business have seen firsthand how unscrupulous individuals in the locksmith business have hurt the trust of the industry overall. Rozhavsky and his staff hope to change that perception with customer service that is consistently honest and high quality.

Although J&M is a relative newcomer to the Atlanta business scene, the owners seem to have an understanding of what it will take to succeed in this busy city market. By focusing on the customer, J&M plans to grow a loyal and satisfied customer base, which should in turn build the companys bottom line.


Google Search begins associating you specifically to plumbers, locksmiths

Amazon dispatched a home administrations registry in 41 urban areas a couple of months back, and now Google is plunging deur openen its toe in the water. As indicated by the Wall Street Journal, for those "in and around" San Francisco, looking for terms like lock repair or clogged up toilet will present to you a rundown of prescreened experts in the territory arranged to deal with those issues.

As should be obvious in the screenshot (after the break), we try it attempt with "clean house" and got the rundown with contact information, as well as an approach to send a couple fascinating gatherings a solicitation rapidly.

The key here, is that you never need to leave for any of that, and the individuals recorded pay for the benefit (in addition to screening for licenses and personal investigations) through Google's AdWords Express.

Homejoy was a startup working in the same space, and Re/code reported as of late that Google procured some of its representatives after the business close down.

Angie's List and Yelp have been filling the Yellow Pages-sized home administrations crevice as of now, yet now as opposed to Googling for a YouTube instructional exercise on the most proficient method to alter your issue, somebody who really comprehends what they're doing will be only a tick away.


Joe And Jane Six-Pack Just Say No

A tax on liquor brought America the Whiskey Rebellion two centuries ago. Now the brewing industry is looking to start the Battle over the Beer Tax.

Calling the levy regressive and unfair, brewers are pressing Congress to cut it in half. An anti-tax Web site features a profile of "Joe and Jane Six-Pack" - people who drink more than a six-pack a week.

"Beer is one of America's best pastimes," said Bill Marshman, a locksmith from Suitland, Md., who was drinking a Samuel Adams with lunch this week. Marshman, who says he drinks a case a week, supports the rollback effort.

"Anything to pay less," he said.

On the other side: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, arguing the bill would lead to more underage drinking and traffic deaths.

Congress doubled the tax to $18 a barrel - about a dollar a case - in 1990 when it also passed tax hikes on luxury items such as planes and yachts. Three years later, most of the luxury taxes were rescinded but the beer tax remained.

"It's an equity argument," Miller Brewing Co. spokesman Michael Brophy said. "It's certainly not a luxury item, and it's already taxed at the state level, and will still be taxed at the federal level. There's a basic fairness issue."

The beer industry is mounting its most aggressive tax-cut campaign in years, believing that with a healthy budget surplus and a tax-cut proponent in the White House its chances have been enhanced, said Jeff Becker, president of the Beer Institute, the industry's trade association. The campaign includes ads in several Capitol Hill publications.

Becker said most beer drinkers are low- and middle-income wage earners who could use a break.

"They aren't buying $50,000 cars or private planes and yachts," he said.

More than 150 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors of legislation that would halve the beer tax.

Rep. Jerry Kleczka, D-WI, hasn't supported previous efforts to reduce the tax. He said he decided to be a co-sponsor this year because Congress voted to eliminate the estate tax.

"If Congress can repeal the estate tax for billionaires, then Congress can roll back the beer tax for Joe Six-Pack," said Kleczka, whose state is home to Miller Brewing.

Reducing the tax to its 1990 level would cost the federal government about $1.6 billion a year. Kleczka, a member of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, said the bill's chances of passage are slim.

Still, MADD is aggressively fighting the effort. Its Webs ite has a form letter visitors can e-mail to their lawmakers urging them to oppose the bill.

"Economic research indicates lower taxes on beer will lead to more deaths among young people in traffic accidents and other alcohol-related problems," said Millie I. Webb, MADD's national president. "It's cheaper, it's more accessible. It's bad public policy to reduce the beer tax."

A study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoolism cites research which found that higher alcohol prices can reduce traffic fatality rates. The institute says more research is needed.

MADD and the institute agree that even a modest price change can affect sales. Restoring the tax to its slotenmaker amsterdam oost 1990 level would, if passed on to consumers, cut about 12.5 cents off a six-pack.

Becker noted that when the tax was increased a decade ago, domestic production declined for five straight years. It has rebounded in recent years, but remains about 5 million barrels below the 1990 total of 184.5 million barrels.

The beer tax legislation wouldn't affect microbreweries, which pay only $7 a barrel on the first 60,000 barrels they brew.

By Frederic J. Frommer

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